about old

My name is Kemble.  I live in Georgia.  My professional craft is code, graphics & branding.  I do my best to lead a Christlike life.

Life is about the small things.  A cup of Earl Grey Tea with my lady, Ruth.   A hike with the family.  Scratching Gus, German Shepherd #2, behind the ears.  The smell of Jasmine in the Spring.  These are the little things that make a life truly lovely.

A few of my Pursuits:

  • Tiny House Homesteading
  • Minimalism
  • Southern Food (& the challenge to make it healthy)
  • Our Two German Shepherds, Gus & Azura
  • Blacksmithing
  • Exploring the South East on the Weekends

Life Mission:

We each need a mission.  We’re fit for more than paying bills and eventually kicking the bucket.  My Continued goals in life are the following:

  • Love & care for the people God has placed me with.
  • Give thanks and show gratitude constantly.
  • Take utmost care of the body God gave me & the natural world I am a steward of.
  • Become rich in friends, memories & experiences.
  • Ever hone my daily habits, discipline & resolve to live well.
  • Seek to gain knowledge rather than material possessions.
  • And finally, work to bring some joy to others each and every day.