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The Power of Digital Portfolios

Having a portfolio of my creative digital work was one of the most important tools for my 18 year old self.

I had been building websites since I was 13, and spent 5 years crafting websites and graphics for businesses across the Metro Atlanta Area. By the time I was studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech, I had a solid portfolio of web design work to show to potential employers.

Many college students at Georgia Tech would begin a co-op program in their junior or senior year. This is primarily because hiring companies wanted engineering students to have some relevant course content knowledge prior to being employed in a co-op or internship.

My portfolio of web work was a major contributing factor allowing me to obtain a 4 semester co-op at a small software company here in Atlanta as an 18 year old Freshman. I was familiar with the programming languages they used, and I had work to show them.

The co-op was paid, and helped me graduate debt free. It was hands down the hardest part of college, but I also learned more working at my co-op than any other class taken during my Computer Science program. Both experiences were invaluable, but the co-op offered more real life skills.

Students and young professionals in 2021 will be well served to form a clean, organized, and relevant portfolio of their digital work. At Live Oak CS we’re currently building portfolio tools into our system to allow students to have a simple way to show off their project based work.

My portfolio was a major contributing factor to my work opportunities. My work opportunities allowed me to graduate with a degree debt free. I want other students to experience this freedom and satisfaction.

There is power in a good portfolio!

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